Weekly Progress Report

During the last week’s presentation of our implemented prototype, where all the students from our course tried out our application, we received a lot of feedback and improvement ideas which we implemented for the final presentation on 15th July.

The improvement ideas included a lot of ways to increase the usability of our application. For example by implementing a feature where the cooking guide can be commanded by saying “repeat” out loud to repeat the speech output of the current cooking step or to display all available voice commands for the user by saying “repeat”.

We also improved the performance of our implemented Wolfram API Interface by implementing a caching feature to reduce waiting time during each request to the Wolfram Servers.

The complete change log for our final prototype is listed below:

  • say “repeat”: to repeat description of current step
  • say “help”: to display all available voice commands
  • say “previous” (alternative to back): to go one step back
  • Implemented nutrition facts dialog
  • Show current cooking progress by showing “Step x / y”.
  • Added link (dialog) to index page to get list with all voice commands.
  • Added loading sign to indicate processing and retrieval of wolfram data (for nutrition facts)
  •  Calculate nutrition facts of whole recipe by Wolfram Api
  • Added Wolfram Server request caching to reduce waiting time / delay
  • several Wolfram API interface bug fixes

Stay tuned for the release of a short clip introducing our final prototype next week!


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