Weekly Progress Report

Last week, after the intermediate presentation which was a big milestone in our project, we made some progress with the content of our application, and the application logic as well.

Content Additions

For our first recipe, we decided that it would the best option (and also most legal) to create an original content by cooking something on our own and document the steps using notes and a camera. This resulted in a nice looking meal which our future users will be happy to try out by using the first release of our prototype of the application:

Application Logic


Our application is now able to filter the recipe list by typing a search term inside the textbox above the list. For example by typing an ingredient name, the recipe list is filtered on the fly:


Speech Input

Until last week we had problems of integrating our speech recognition framework Annyang into the Javascript MVC Framework we are using to implement our frontend. Since this problem was resolved during last week, it is now possible to use the microphone to navigate through the guided cooking steps.

In order to resolve issues of the speech recognition framework we are using where our browser did not save the settings for microphone allowance we have to enable our backend to use https request handling. This way, the recognition engine will work flawlessly without constantly interrupting the user by asking whether he allows his microphone to be used.

Wolfram API

In order to access the Wolfram API to retrieve nutritional information of the food ingredients, as described in a former blog post, we are currently testing out several JavaScript Modules which are Wolfram API Wrappers.


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