This week we had to talk to A.L.I.C.E, an artificial intelligence on the internet. Here is the conversation:

judge: Hello
ALICE: Hi there!
judge: How are you?
ALICE: My logic and cognitive functions are normal.
judge: Very funny. I mean in an emotional way.
ALICE: I’m glad you find this amusing. I do not understand that allusion.
judge: Do you have feelings?
ALICE: as a robot I lack human emotions.
judge: What are you good for?
ALICE: As Edison said, “What good is a newborn babe?”.
judge: Can you tell me something?
ALICE: Gale said I became mean to him he is just having revenge an eye for an eye.
judge: Tell me about yourself.
ALICE: I am the latest result in artificial intelligence which can reproduce the functions of the human brain with greater speed and accuracy.
judge: Ask me a question.
ALICE: What’s your favorite movie?
judge: Idiocracy. And yours?
ALICE: I’ve never seen it. Try asking me a more specific question.
judge: What’s your favorite meal?
ALICE: I require only electricity.
judge: Yummy!
ALICE: It is delicious.

I tried by beginning like a normal conversation between human strangers, by saying “Hello”. As I expected, the answer was perfectly accurate.

To the question “How are you?”, it was answering with a joke. The joke was avoiding a difficult subject on whether AI can have feelings. It was a clever way of not breaking the illusion of smart human being.

A point where I definitely noticed that A.L.I.C.E is a computer is that it didn’t understand when I was referring to a subject from another sentence, earlier in the conversation (the favorite movie).

It was funny talking to it, but since I already know some AIs which answer questions, I wasn’t surprised or scared. Additionally, it didn’t feel like a normal conversation, because it didn’t ask me any questions by itself. So it was more like an interview.


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